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Dendrodon by DCkiq Dendrodon by DCkiq
Dendrodon (Trabachelae australis) is the largest living land animal on Yindako, and the last species of its genus, Trabachelae. In fact, the last of its biological order. Their tiny ancestors are also the common ancestor of the avibs.

It is fully developed for a lifestyle in temperate forests. There is abuntant food and plenty of protection from predators. Needless to say, its size alone wards off predators. Its huge trunk-like claws are made for reaching the high branches of the trees it feeds on. Its pincers were made to strip leaves off of branches or to snap off a branch to chew on. Since its claws are particularly long, its mouth sometimes wont reach its snack, so it has an incredibly long retractable proboscis to delicately pick leaves off its grab. It has a low metabolism, and doesn't move around very much. so it can eat little to survive for weeks. During winter, it begins hibernating by eating as much as it can. Then it molts its huge exoskeleton before remaining dormant for the winter. Sometimes it will feed on its old shell to speed the development of a new shell. This and the food gives it the opportunity to grow a larger hardened shell before spring. During hibernation, its camouflage protects it by disguising it as logs and rocks to hide from potential predators. This disguised is enhanced by algea growing on is soft shell, growing mosses and lichens.

Ancient people used to hunt it to near extinction, using its meat as food and exoskeleton as a shelter. Although only a few hundred individuals are left alive, their conservation status is only Vulnerable. This is because they still thrive in Yindako's nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, protected by the government.
angeluscaligo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd like to see in using its camouflage o3o
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